How To Attract Applicants?

It's no secret that companies in different industries are having a hard time finding the right candidates. There are many reasons for this, including a long-term talent shortage, but what companies can do to differentiate themselves from recruitment competition is to understand their motivations and ensure that their recruitment message tells them what they want to know.

Companies that are care and provide an exciting environment have a competitive advantage in the battle for the best talent. People who do not take action or communicate effectively are at risk. We all know that pandemic has changed priorities and radically changed the way we engage in our work. In the past, hefty payroll packages may have been a priority, but today organizational values are important to employees of all ages. More than 60% of employees want to know what the company represents before applying for a job.

In the post-pandemic world, higher salary packages are not enough. Employers need to learn how to communicate effectively and reliably and create their own positive brand that employees can believe in.

Five core values to attract applicants:

  1. Care - Is your concern for your employees as obvious as your concern for your customers? Does your benefits and company culture show that you are doing everything you can to support your employees and create a healthy and vibrant workplace?

  2. Social – It is important for your company to promote social gatherings and hosting events for all the employees. This helps them to know people from other departments and network well with their colleagues. Applicants would want to know the work-life-balance the company offers

  3. Interest – Since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is selective of their work environment. Employees prefer a safe, hygienic and peaceful working condition. To attract applicants, make sure your HR policies are employee friendly.

  4. Development – The growth of an individual is valuable to the company. Therefore, it is important that your company helps the employees upskill themselves and recognize their achievements. 

  5. Economical – The very important question in every applicant’s mind is, are you financially secured? Is your salary package competitive enough? What are the benefits I get? As a company, it is necessary to know the market trends as it is helpful to attract employees.

These values apply across generations, and the most important factor for GenZ, Millennials, and GenX is caution. Boomer, who is nearing the end of his career, is naturally motivated by money, but his upbringing is second closest.

The work environment, employee experience, and employer commitment are decisive factors for employees of all generations when deciding whether to apply for a new job or stay where they are.


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